Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't make jokes. I just give God the oppurtunity to have the last laugh.

Thanksgiving week, I was chatting with my neighbor about Black Friday shopping. I mentioned that I really didn't need anything, and in fact, I had pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping. Everything was tucked away in a nice, little room in the basement.

"Lets just hope the basement doesn't flood!"

Ha ha ha. Hop on over to Sunday evening. Our Thanksgiving guests had left, and as I came down the stairs I got a whiff of something not so nice. I was convinced that someone had pooped on the floor, but found nothing. We spent a romantic evening sniffing the entire house. We were convinced something had died in the wall.

Yesterday, I'm down in the basement working on the computer. Because the computer desk and chair are on carpet, we have one of those plastic mats so the chair rolls around easier. I was so excited to find the camera cord to upload pictures from our fun weekend in the snow, but when I bent down to plug it in, I noticed a little puddle -- on the floor -- under the plastic mat. Huh. That's odd. We don't bring drinks down in the basement... Hubby walks in from work about 10 minutes later and I mentioned the odd little wet spot. We go investigating and guess what?! Something was up with one of the pumps in the basement. And where were all of the Christmas presents? You guessed it! Snuggled up in the little room with the water heater and all the standing water.

But wait! There's more! As mentioned before, our Christmas card was looking pretty sweet with the home haircuts, bruises and head injuries.

Today, I'm waiting to pick Strip up from school and am chatting with some other moms. Nugget is walking around, falling all over himself. So I make the "funny" comment,

"Boy, we need to take that Christmas card picture quick before you sustain a MAJOR head injury!"

Ha ha ha. We went out to get a tree tonight (whole other post) and come in feeling festive, so I say we should hang our stockings! The camera is dead, so I have the super long cord plugged into the wall. I take pictures of the kids hanging their stockings, and Strip says, "Let me take one of you hanging your 'socking'!" I hand her the camera and am posing by the fire as Nugget wraps himself up in the long camera cord, falls over and knocks the camera out of Strip's hand. Awesome. He also had a little cup of applesauce he was holding while screaming "EEE! EEE!" which means eat. I'm trying to get the camera to work, now that it's hit the ground, so I tell Nugget to take it to daddy.

Daddy is in the kitchen, standing at my desk getting something out of a drawer, and Nugget walks full speed right in to that super sharp rolly edge thing that makes the drawer roll in and out. I have never seen a goose egg pop up so quickly. So now the poor kid looks like a unicorn. I think I'm just going to stop being "funny." You win, God!


Temple said...

Can you say something out loud like, "Gee, let's hope Temple doesn't win the lottery?"

Tiffany said...

Man, I cannot WAIT to get this Christmas card!!!

Speaking of which, I need your new address!!