Friday, December 12, 2008

It's all about the Washingtons

Because the basement still had the faint smell of a wet dog, I thought I would pick up some wallflower refills to freshen the place up. After hitting Costco and making some returns, the kiddos and I popped in B&BW's. I had promised Strip a juice box at "the next store" forgetting we had to make this stop, but I said we would be in and out, no problem and the juice box was all hers if she could keep her cool until we made it to the Loft.

So we head back to the wallflower refill section and I'm looking for what I need when an older lady comes up next to me and reaches up to the top shelf to pull down 3 wall flowers. She reaches up to get the 4th, but can't reach it. She calls her friend over to see if she can reach it, but she can't. With all of the holiday shoppers, the employees are swamped at the register, and I hated to see these ladies have to wait, so I stepped in.

Now, I am not a jolly blond giant, but I do have a part monkey three-year-old (last night she discovered the fun of hanging from the support beam in the basement. All those toys and the things they play with). So I said, "If you'd like, I can toss her up there to see if she can reach it." The ladies were elated. I showed Strip the box she was going for and told her what color the stripe on the box was so she would get the right one. I boost her up, she grabs it and saves the day.

Me: Hand it to the nice lady

Strip: Here you go!

Nice lady: digging in her purse Thank you so much sweetie! And here's a little something for you! hands Strip a dollar

Me: Oh, no, you don't need to do that!

Nice Lady: Nonsense! She deserves a little something for doing that for me!

Me: Oh really, getting to climb the shelf was a treat!

Nice Lady: Looks past me to Strip Merry Christmas Sweetie! Thank you for your help.


Strip was blown away.

Strip: Oh Mommy! It's a whole dollar just for me!

Me: I know! Isn't that special! You did something nice for someone, and they wanted to thank you.

Strip: You know what I'm gonna do with this dollar? I'm gonna save it (Dave Ramsey would be so proud). I'm gonna save it and buy something super special like a cookie at Fresh Market.

She stares at her dollar for another minute, and zips it up in her coat pocket. Then she looks around the store and says:

Hmmmm. I wonder who else needs something "nice" done for them....

My little entrepreneur.

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Temple said...

Capitalism at it's best! Kathi Lee Gifford would be proud!