Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We have a rooster

And her name is Strip. The kid has always been a morning person. Always. When she was little, the rule was in your crib, lights off and quiet from 8-8. If you woke up at 4 am, fantastic, but we are not moving breakfast. You'll have it at 8. She was always fine and would either sleep until 8 or I would hear her playing or reading. Always super happy. I am not a morning person. I figured it was good that I had a morning baby because if we had to get up, at least both of us weren't going to be in a bad mood.

When she moved to a big girl bed, she would come in early in the morning to check on us.

Strip: Time to get up?!

Me: No.

Strip: .... now?

Because my 20 month old couldn't tell time, I told her, she had to stay in her room until the sun was awake. That has worked really well.

Now, she gets up at the CRACK of dawn. And I swear the child falls asleep mid-sentence and wakes up completing it. She is super chipper which is super hard to love before 6:30 am.

So yesterday, she comes in and says, "Hey mom. Would it be alright with you if I used your bathroom? You see, mine didn't have any toilet paper, but I put some in the little holder thingy, so now there is some toilet paper...." And she rattles on, and on, and on (I have no idea where she gets that from). After mumbling something that sounded like yes, she proceeds to turn on EVERY light in our room/bathroom/closet. At this point, Nugget has heard her talking and wants to get up. I stumble in to his room and am changing a diaper when Strip walks in to his room, looks at me and says,

Strip: Well, what are you doing up?!

Me: Well, someone turned on every light in my room and woke me up, and then someone was talking with an outside voice and woke her little brother up, so I thought I'd get about my day.

Strip: Oh. Well, I need a few minutes, so I'm just going to be in my room reading. If you need anything, just let me know.

Me: Will do.

So this morning, I am in a haze, but hear her come in and chat with the hubs and turn on every light in our room, again. Oh, and just as a visual, when our house was built, apparently overhead lighting wasn't cool, so the light that we have in our room comes from lamps on the bedside tables, and because we were trying to save the earth and all, we purchased those energy-saving light bulbs which really, I think, do nothing more than hurt your eyes they are so bright and make you want to turn them off, hence, saving energy (how do you like this run-on sentence?) so not only are lights coming on when you are dead to the world, they are super intense right in your face.

So, I'm chatting with the hubs later today and we were giggling about what a nut Strip is. Turns out, she busted up in the bathroom this morning and heard him in the shower.

Strip: Hey! What are you doing?!?

Hubs: AH! Geeze! I'm getting ready for work, what are you doing?

Strip: I'm just going to the bathroom.

Hubs: Ok.

Strip: flush I'll be in my room playing with my princesses and reading, ok dad?

Hubs: Ok.

He gets out of the shower and these are the lights that are on: Bathroom, closet, bathroom where the toilet is, our two bedside table lamps, the hall light, the kids' bathroom light, the guest room (which the door was closed, so she opened the door to turn the light on), her room, the stairway light, the Christmas tree (don't worry, it's a remote control, not a plug), the downstairs hall light, the dining room, the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room light. Take that energy saving bulbs.

So little miss smarty pants has now figured out that if she wakes up, and the sun's not out, she'll just make her own.

I need a nap.


Temple said...

lol...well, Good Morning Sunshine just took on a whole new meaning!

Tiffany said... created a very punctual and cute little monster!