Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You get what you pay for!

I LOVE the $1 aisle at Target. LOVE it. It's great to stock up on disposable toys, stickers, surcees, and freezer packs for the kids' lunch boxes. So I was SUPER excited when I came upon puzzles during my last stop at the $1 bins. One puzzle was of the USA and I thought, "What a wonderful way for Strip to learn the states, where they are, and where we live in comparison to everyone else (although I've already cleared up the fact that our friends in Alaska do NOT live near Hawaii. That's just for ease of the puzzle, not really where Alaska is)."

So here's the puzzle:

Adorable, right? Bright colors, easy to recognize each state, capitals marked, what could go wrong with this?

Unfortunately, the Target $1 puzzle makers share a machine with McDonald's chicken nuggets, making it impossible to create more than 4 shapes, so when a 4 year-old who can't read puts a puzzle together using the, "Does it fit? Yay!" method, you end up with this:

Whoops! At least the border pieces are in the right place! Sorry mid-west, you are just a jumble. We'll work on it.


Lianne said...

I have always been of the opinion that Arizona and Arkansas were far, far too distant from one another. Nice work.

Chip (LM) said...

Maybe she should have let Nugget help her this morning....

Cousin Id said...

It makes it easier to pop up to Canada for some french fries and gravy.