Thursday, July 9, 2009

My kid is a closet binkie sucker.

He must take after his mom when it comes to breaking habits.  

Nugget dropped his wubanub MONTHS ago, and hasn't had problems since.  Neighbors have a little baby, and when we're over there, I'll catch him finding a binkie and taking a couple of hits off of it before offering it to the baby.  Not a big deal.

A week or so ago, Nugget was in his room with me, helping me make his bed.  He walked to his little side table and pulled open the drawer.  He reached his hand in and said, "Momma!  Look!" and pulled out Strip's original binkie they gave her in the hospital (bigger and uglier than a soothie).  I laughed and said, "Oh yeah!  That's Strip's old binkie!  Let's put it back!"  And tucked it back in.  Nugget promptly opened the drawer and said, "Mamma.  Look.  Sue's key-bee.  No touch." and shut the drawer.  I thought that was the last of it.

Until a few days ago.  We were hanging out with our neighbors and Hubs went in to check on the kiddos.  Nugget has been getting up to turn his light on so he can read, so Hubs wasn't shocked when he could see the light pouring in from the door.  He was shocked to see him (still awake) with the big, ugly binkie in his mouth!  We laughed and I tucked it back into the drawer the next morning.

So tonight, Hubs comes in late from work and goes up to check on the kids.  Sure enough, Nugget's light was on, and when he peeked in, Nugget was happily sleeping with the big ugly binkie in his mouth.  I'm thinking he's been getting it ever night and then putting it back in the mornings before he calls out that he's up.  Guess we need to find a twelve-step wubanub program for him.

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