Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Watch out, Martha.

I now sew.  And the outfits didn't take that long to make.  I know I posted a while ago that I was cutting fabric and I had the outfits whipped out within a few days, but the true test was to see if they made it through a day of play, the washer and dryer.  I am happy to report that all three outfits passed the test!

I had to giggle though while we were at the museum (aka day one of outfit testing).  Although we don't live there now, I'm a southern girl at heart -- I dress my boy like a girl and monogram as much as possible.  Nugget has an odd family name, but we call him by a nickname that is fairly common.  So say for example, his name were Tony.  You'd expect that his monogram would have an "A" somewhere in it for Anthony, but his real, formal name would be Franthony, so there would be an F.  Follow?  Meanwhile, Nugget has given Strip the nickname "Sue" which has NOTHING do do with her actual name.  So we are at the museum, and Nugget has his little monogrammed outfit on and we are calling him by his name which shares no letters of his monogram.  Strip is wearing one of her outfits with a giant "M" on the front, and we're calling her Sue.  I'm sure people think I just shop at a fancy Goodwill, since I dress my kids in monogrammed clothes that have nothing to do with their names.

So the big reveal!  Here are 2 of the outfits I made:

And because I had leftover fabric, and I girl's gotta match, I appliqued some frilly panties for Strip:

So be on the look out Martha.  I can bake bread and sew.  If I could just improve my handwriting, I could take over the world!


Lianne said...

So cute! Time for the Etsy shop to open!

"A fancy Goodwill?" Do such places exist? I must know. The ones I've been in are like the places where other Goodwills send the stuff they don't want.

p.s. Who do the kids get their good looks from? Is their Dad a stick man?

mommychick said...

I've heard there are fancy ones in LA :-)

And yes, they get their looks from their dad. It was really hard at first, me being a normal person, Hubs a stick man, but true love knows now bounds. We are hopeful they will be accepted in the public school setting and can live somewhat of a normal life despite their appearance :-)

Lianne said...


You and I have a waaay too similar sense of humor.