Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hold me, I'm cutting fabric

I received a nice little sewing machine from my mom for Christmas, which I upgraded to a little bit nicer sewing machine in January.  Since then, I've just been flirting with Bernie (the sewing machine).  Sure, I'd thread it, or sew a stitch or two, but nothing more than harmless flirtation.

Until tonight.

I found a couple of really cute spring outfits for the kids by Rosie Posie, and when I was visiting the inlaws last weekend, I found the girl's outfit on sale.  SCORE!  Since my parents have Strip for a spoil-me-rotten visit this week, I decided to take advantage of some quiet time and take it to the next level with Bernie.  Nugget and I went to our favorite little fabric shop and selected some material (he slept through the whole experience), and tonight is the big night.  

Nugget's in bed, I have a tasty glass of 2 buck chuck and I'm about to make my first cut.  Fingers crossed.  The good news is, the outfit is for Nugget, who is 2.  And while he may have an opinion on things, he doesn't have enough words to express said opinions, so I can have crooked seams, and loose buttons and he can't complain :-)  I'll post a pic if when I finish!

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lisa said...

I can knit and dye fiber, but sewing is something that eludes me. I really wish I learned this skill when I was young.