Monday, June 1, 2009

Paying it forward

Hubs ruined a movie for me last night, so I'm going to share the love and ruin it for all of you.  Don't read this if you haven't seen Into the Wild or read the book.  STOP READING NOW.  You've been warned.

We suspended Netflix three months ago because we just weren't watching movies like we should.  I figured by the time it started up again (end of May/June) things would have slowed down and we'd see how much we used it this summer.  It started up this week, and because I had not looked at our queue in three months, it sent us 2 "good" ones -- Strangers, which we just watched on demand a couple of weeks ago and Into the Wild, which I put on with every intention of getting the book at the library and reading before the movie got here. 

Hubs decides after laying bricks all day (with a little help from me) that we should watch Into the Wild.  We cozy up on the couch and get all into it.  I am PRYING my eyes open, trying to stay awake for the end.  I think I made it until the last 15 minutes.  The next thing I know, the credits are rolling.  Oh well.  I stumble upstairs and into bed.  A few minutes later, Hubs came up.

  Hubs:  Did you read the book?
Me:  No, but it looks like I'm going to have to since I fell asleep and missed the ending.
Hubs:  It ticks me off that he died.
Me:  WHAT?!  
Hubs:  Yeah, those berries he ate killed him.  I really wanted him to make it out of there.
Me:  Guess I don't need to get the book now.

I know he was all worked up from the not-so-happy ending, but geeze!!  Give me 20 minutes in the morning to watch it, then we can talk about it.  Ugh. 

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Uncle P said...

The book is still way better, though they did a decent job with the film. Eddie Vedder's score helps a ton. You should still read it, b/c it wasn't actually the berries that killed him...