Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This thing's got ups

I have a really long, drawn out, rambling post about our least magical Disney experience EVER that I am working on and debating on actually posting, but while I drink my dinner, please take a look at this marvel.

When I was getting Nugget's balloons inflated for his party, the balloon lady asked if I wanted some magic spray that was supposed to make them last longer. I politely declined. Who really wants a balloon floating around for longer than a day anyway, right (well, besides a 2 year old)? Fast forward to Strip's party day. I had a mylar butterfly balloon inflated on Strip's birthday party day, May 9th. Hubs and I were both amazed a couple of days when it was still full of life and floating around the house.

Today's date is June 16th. 5 weeks and 3 days post helium. I give you the butterfly balloon:

Yup.  Still on the ceiling.  When we came in from Disney and saw it was still up there, I was sort of convince that some arachnophobia-type spiders had suspended it up there in a web, but no.  It's still there.  Getting our money's worth out of the helium.   Over a month.  That's longer than some goldfish live!  

And just for dramatic emphasis, here's another shot (but please note, we did NOT choose the paint color in this room.  The nice man named Ed who lived here before us selected it):

Amazing.  Part of me wants to take it down and toss it before Strip comes home from Ma's, but a really big part of me wants to see just how long this thing can stay up.  I wonder if there's a world record for longest balloon life.


Lianne said...

Tee hee hee!

We had the same thing happen with an Elmo balloon, except that we had 20 foot ceilings, a mad 2 year old who released it, and no way to get it down. Elmo taunted us for a month or so before he drifted close enough to the balcony to be reached.

That spray stuff is amazing!

mommychick said...

That's the thing! We didn't use the spray stuff. It's still on the ceiling, today. I'm thinking had we used the spray, the balloon may have stuck around until her NEXT birthday!