Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My problem is hereditary

When I was younger I had a big problem. I would come in from school or ballet or soccer and kick off a shoe, then run upstairs and kick off the other shoe. Then I would clean my room which consisted of raking everything under my bed. The next morning, when the carpool car honked, it was a mad scramble for me trying to find one shoe. I always managed to find one, but the second seemed to get sucked into that magical portal in the dryer that eats one of your socks. I can still hear my dad saying, "How in the world do you lose ONE shoe?!" and can see my mom finding the shoe with me crying, "But I JUST looked, and I SWEAR it wasn't there!" Ahh, memories.

So the day before we are leaving for Disney, I'm pulling together the last minute things for the kids' bags. I realize (at 10pm) that Nugget's brown sandals are no where to be found. The car has been cleaned out, all rooms and closets are clean and organized, Hubs just mowed the backyard, and they weren't there. So we just packed his crocs and hoped for the best. We got back and STILL can't find them. Seriously, how do you lose a PAIR of shoes?!?

I finally broke down yesterday and took him to get a new pair of man-sandles. I was going to try to find a different pair thinking it wouldn't hurt as much to spend money on a different style, but I just love these little Stride Rites. So when the shoe lady offered to measure him, I said sure. I vaguely remember getting his brown sandals right before his birthday and they were a size 6, I'm pretty sure). He put his little piggies on the board and she said, "We'll he's measuring a 7, so I'd put him in a 7.5." YIKES! I had been pouring my kid's feet into too small kicks! So when hubs got home, I told him it was totally justifiable that we had to buy him new shoes since we were abusing his feet.

And now I'm thinking that Nugget doesn't have a loseing-shoe problem like his momma. I think he's just super smart and hid them so he could get a pair that fits!

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