Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still Stripless

Strip is in the final days of Camp Spoil-Me-Rotten, aka Papa and Ma's. Although Ma has sent NO pictures to me, we've been able to chat on the computer, so I've seen her. She looks too grown up already.

It sounds like she's having a great time! Ma thought she needed some movies, so she hit the Target sale bin and picked up many dvds including The Cat in the Hat which, according to Ma, is extremely inappropriate. I can't wait to see it. Apparently, after watching it, P's girlfriend said, "Strip! Look at these cute shorts Ma and I found today," and she revealed some multi-colored, floralish shorts, to which Strip replied, "Ugh. I'm DOOMED!" Thanks Mike Myers.

She also played dress up in my wedding dress, but Ma failed to take any pictures of that. After the wedding at Disney, Hubs told Strip that mommy had a pretty wedding dress that she could wear one day when she got married, so I guess she needed to see if it was her style.

She's now at my most favorite place on earth -- the beach. My mom's family has a beach cottage that we go to almost every year, and it's fantastic. No cable, no internet and you can rarely get a cell phone signal. Did I mention it's fantastic?! Ma called to let me know that Strip and Snoozie (Ma's cousin who Strip fell in love with last summer) wasted no time heading down to the beach to put their toes in the water.

Nugget and I have been having a good time, too. Lots of quality time with tractors and cars. Yesterday, we were at the book store and they were doing some construction in the back, so Nugget and I went to stare at all the bulldozers. One of the workers drove a HUGE "tractor" as Nugget called them over to us and offered to let Nugget drive it. He just stood there with his little mouth gaping open, unable to speak.

We've had a fun couple of weeks, but sure are ready to get our Strip back on Monday!

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Alabama Redhead said...

What?? No wedding dress photos? Your mom is totally slacking!!

LOL...I just have a mental picture of you and Nugget driving a giant's pretty funny!