Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, and a petty rant

Maybe it's because I worked in retail and rocked some customer service back in my day, but poor service just irks me to no end.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Nugget and I went to the book store yesterday.  Said store sent me a love note saying that they had book lights for a dollar.  Strip kept losing the batteries to the one that came *FREE* with the Snuggie, so we gave it to our neighbor's little girl (who would be less likely to lose/swallow batteries).  I thought this would be a great chance to pick up one for her to either give her when she gets back  or store away for Christmas.

After getting a mocha and a piece of chocolate for Nugget, we started wandering through the store.  Kind retail lady asks if we need any help:

         ME:  Yes, I got an email saying that y'all had book lights for a dollar.
Lady:  Yes!
Me:  Great can you tell me where they are?
Lady:  Ohh, we didn't get any.
Me: Oh, ok
Lady: Yeah, it varies by store, and we just didn't get any.
Me:  Oh!  Ok, well do you know if [other store] has any?
Lady:  I don't know.  It wouldn't surprise me if they did.  But like I said, it varies by store.

What's wrong with that?  She seemed perfectly nice, right?  Correct response.  The customer comes in for ONE SPECIFIC thing.  You don't have it, but another store might.  What should she have done?  Offered to call [other store] to see if they had any while directing me to the $2 bucket of kids books.  Then when she was on the phone searching for my $1 book light, I would have found $16 worth of books that I would *have to*  buy because she already planted the idea in my head that everything varies by store.

Like I said, petty rant, but it still kind of ticked me off.  There was no one in the store and the call would have taken 3 minutes, tops.  So Nugget and I are heading to the other store to see what they have.

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