Monday, November 24, 2008

This could be really good or really bad.

Neither one of my kids were binkie babies. They did, however, become binkie toddlers. Nugget was given a binkie in the NICU, so he had one early on, but never really "needed" it. BUT, both kids got all 4 top teeth at the same time and instantly fell in love with a binkie.

Strip would only take an Auburn one (War Eagle!) and Nugget only wanted the ones that he got in the NICU, which of course you couldn't get in a store (you can now, but Target waited until after I had special ordered them from a special website. Special read expensive). So while I was ordering the vanilla sented binkies for Nugget, I noticed the cutest thing ever. I give you, the wubbanub:

Super cute huh?! Yup, it's a litte beenie baby kinda thing sewn onto a binkie. Adorable! It makes it really easy to find, too. Espically if your kid chunks it out of the stroller while walking around Epcot, and he's only 6 weeks old, and it's the ONLY binkie you brought to WDW, and the soothie binkies still aren't available in stores so you are frantically thinking that you are going to have to track down a NICU and beg for one. No fear because it looks like a toy, so a kind soul will pick it up, realize it's connected to a binkie, and set it on a bench. Woo hoo! Vacation saved.

Anyway, Nugget loves the Wub, but now has more teeth, and likes to chew on it. I picked it up yesterday and needed both hands, so popped it in my mouth. That's when I noticed the unthinkable had happened - there were a few tiny holes in it. Tear. The Wubbanub is on the way out.

This happened with Strip's, but she was a little older, so I said, "Oh no! It's broken! Guess we'll have to throw it away." And she threw them all away and that was the end of it. I don't think Nugget is there yet.

But Wubs was out in the car this afternoon when it was nap time, so I let him pick out a truck to play with while he fell asleep, and he went down fine. Tonight, the Uncle J was in town, so we ate a little later, brushed teeth a little later and went to bed a little later. Nugget and I did our bedtime routine, and he went to bed -- without Wubs!

I went back upstairs later to check on Strip, well really Uncle J -- he was in charge of reading Strip's story (meaning ONE) and I wanted to see how many she got him to read --and stopped outside of Nuggets room. He was singing himself to sleep.

Nice. We'll see if he makes it though the night. Could we be Wubbanub free?? Knock on wood!

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Tiffany said...

So, it's like they're kissing/eating the frog? Hmmm....

Hope you're Wub free, they are kinda creepy. :)