Monday, November 17, 2008

It's all in the family

So a friend of the Husbands from work has been hanging out with us. It's actually the couple that H lived with for the 2 months he was up here before we moved up, so I have NO problem having them over and feeding them. We owe them big time. Anyway, strip has started refering to him as "Uncle." Tonight, we were getting ready for bed, and she was asking how Uncle C fit in to our family. I explained that it was fine to call him "uncle" (if that was ok with him), but that he wasn't really related to us like real uncles were.

Strip: Well, who are my real uncles then?
Me: You have your great uncles, then mommy and daddy's brothers Uncle J and Uncle P.
Strip: And name my aunts
Me: Aunt T, Aunt C and Aunt T.
Strip: You forgot one.
Me: Who?
Strip: Aunt M!
M is my brothers girlfriend who we all love and adore and he's been dating as long as Stip has been alive. Yeah. Did you read that, P?!
Me: Well, M really isn't your aunt. Not yet anyway.
Strip: What do you mean?
Me: Remember how you had an Uncle J and a Miss T? Then J and T got married and T became Aunt T?
Strip: Yeah...
Me: Well, when Uncle P marries M, THEN she'll be your Aunt.
Strip: Oh. (three seconds go by) Is she my aunt now?
Me: No. And M has been waiting a LOT longer than three seconds.

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