Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mommy Brain!

Forgot to post these when they happened, so here goes:

Strip loves to say the blessing. Loves it. When she was Nugget's age she would bow her head and scream "AMEN!" when we finished, but now she can say it all by herself. Normally, we get to hear either "God is great, God is good," or "The Lord is good to meeeee, and so I 'fank' da Lord!" but now, she's started preachin' from the heart.

We were at the beach in August, and I guess she heard Uncle B say the blessing and wanted to try one like him. So her new blessing is:

Fank you God for dis wonderful food
We hope we like it
and we hope we enjoy it
Love it. Short, to the point, and while "fanking" God for the food, she also slips in a little slap to the face about my cooking. Fun!
I think she must have a little preacher in her, somewhere, too. In my mom's bible study group, I shared that every day at the same time, Strip would have a meltdown. You could set you watch to it. One mom suggested saying a prayer with her right before she went into meltdown mode. GREAT idea! She loves God, she loves pray, this will work.
So the next day, 4:27 rolls around, and it's about to get ugly. I stop her and say, "Strip, why don't we say a prayer together." She says OK. So I do an impromptu prayer saying Dear God, please help Strip to have her listening ears. Help her to make good choices so we can have a fun night, amen. Amen. Flip out. Didn't work.
A few days later, we are in my favorite warehouse store. It had been a long day, and poor Nugget was done. He's screaming, I'm trying to dig a sippy out of a giant cart filled with chicken, oatmeal, peanut butter an whatever else we needed. We are standing outside of the bathrooms and a lady is walking toward us. Strip, not able to take it anymore, decides to take charge and says at the top of her lungs
" It's ok mommy! I'll say a prayer! Dear Jesus,
PUULEEZE help mom to put on her listening ears so she can figure out what Nugget wants and he'll stop crying. Amen"
Good thing we were near the bathroom because I think the woman walking past us would have wet her pants had she been any farther away.

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