Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't watch tv in bed

'Cause if you do, there are a couple of not so good things that could happen. Well, one's not bad, just not my favorite thing to get at 1 am, and that would be a 3 year-old's beady eyes staring at you saying, "What's going on?" Stupid tv buzzes, and I turned up the volume.

The other thing is you can end up watching some really weird stuff. I kind of laughed when we moved to the sunshine state. Within a week, Dateline was doing a "To Catch a Predator" right down the street. Literally. If that wasn't good enough, a couple of weeks later, Primetime did a special on these high school kids who killed their band teacher. And where was the high school? You guessed it, right outside our neighborhood.

So after the big move, I was feeling pretty good. Great town, nice neighborhood, fun neighbors (not as fun as you, old neighbors! We love and miss you!), low crime rate. Then we went trick-or-treating. New Neighbor pointed out a house that was for rent that apparently was involved in some super big drug sting a year or so ago. Awesome! I tuck myself in last night, and since Tivo still thinks we live a few states away from where we do, he has no clue what the channels are (bless Tivo's heart, he's still recording episodes of House for me, only USA on Tivo is really the Spanish channel here. E for effort!). This means, I spend much more time stuck on informative channels. One night, I watched a 30 minute show on how to make zippers, and it was fascinating!

Anyway, last night, I start watching a really great show called "You might as well throw yourself off a bridge." I don't think that was really the name, but it should have been, because after watching this show you feel like you might as well throw yourself off a bridge. It's all about this magical fault line in the middle of nowhere, USA, that had a super huge earthquake that caused the Mississippi to flow backwards. Yeah. It was that bad. And we don't live ON this spot, but apparently, the next quake is supposed to ripple through surrounding states, and we are so in one of those states. And I was worried about tornadoes. Let's just say, I'm not moving to Memphis anytime soon. Yikes.


Tiffany said...

Were you watching SciFi again??? :)

mommychick said...

This was History Channel. Freaky stuff. I am now researching to see if there is any "safe place" on earth (not counting the North Pole).