Thursday, November 20, 2008

Picture Time!

Christmas time is coming soon! I know it is, you know why? Christmas music on XM? No, but thank you Tif for the heads up on that one. Snow? Not yet, but it's getting there? What is it then, that screams, "Time to take a picture?" Well, lets review:
Strip's first Christmas card she was sick as a dog and looked like Rudolf with her little red nose.
Strip's second Christmas, she walked into the corner of a table at the Cracker Barrel resulting in a black eye.
Just last week, we had picture day at school, and what does the child do? A back flip out of a kitchen chair. Forehead, meet hard wood floor and say, "Goose egg!"

So with the time to take Christmas cards coming up quickly, I was contemplating wrapping both of them in bubble wrap until I could snap a good pic. Today was nuts.

We ran errands this morning, then got in just in time to put Nugget down for a nap and Husband to call saying carpet cleaners will be coming today. Awesome. The window was between 2 and 6, so I fully expected to see them around 6:15. They show up about 15 min after I put Nugget down for a nap. Awesome. They agree to do his room last. I let the Wizard of Oz babysit Strip while I started making dinner for our neighbors. Strip wants to do "craps" so she asks to use her scissors. No problem, she's been an awesome cutter for over a year now and Nugget is tucked away upstairs.
Finish dinner, cleaners are ready to do Nugget's room, I have to wake a baby. Yikes. Nugget was cranky, I get him downstairs, trying to fix a little snack for him when I here Strip say,
"Mommy! Look what I did!"

In typical mom fashion, I glance over and give her the old, "Ohhhh nice, Strip!" Only when I glance up she's holding something that looks like hair. No scratch that. It is hair. Gasp.

I can hear my mother laughing now, because when I was about Strip's age, I gave myself a niiiice set of bangs. Really nice. Luckily, it's one piece, and I THINK it's in a spot on the back of her head where it will blend in with the rest of her hair.

Awesome. I think we'll just take the picture tomorrow before they are either bald or missing an eye.

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