Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ladybugs are the new frogs

I love our realtor. She was awesome. She took us to see a ton of houses, but always knew what we wanted/needed and helped us find As a little welcome gift, she brought over this:

Super cute little friend is sitting on our front porch. She bought him as a reminder to Fully Rely On God (frog) and just thought it was cute. I thought it was FANtastic. In old home, we had a ton of creepy crawlies. Walking out on the laini was like walking into Jurassic Park. Lizards would scurry everywhere. And if you went outside after the sun went down or right before it came up, you were guaranteed to have a frog attack. Ugh they were everywhere. They would hop in the car, hop in the front door, hop on your face, uuuggggghh gross.

So we move in the new house, I was happy to get away from that aspect of nature. I'm drying my hair in the bathroom day one when I hear a little buzzz. I was thinking gross black fly, but I was wrong. Ladybug! They are EVERYWHERE here. They come in through the vents and are all over the place. I think ladybugs are lucky, so we have the luckiest house on the block.

You can only imagine how tickled I was to see the welcome frog (old house) with a little ladybug (new house) sitting next to it. Funny! Now I think I will have to find a little stone figure incorporating each place we move. I really hope we move to Germany next. How hilarious will it be to find a frog and a ladybug chillin with a beer stein?!

Off to google that!

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