Friday, November 14, 2008

Kids are weird

And I think I have the weirdest.
As mentioned before, we have ladybugs everywhere. Some inside, but a bunch outside. My kid is terrified of them. Why? I have no idea. They land on her and she screams, "GET IT OFF!" or if there's one inside, I know it "Ooooohhhh mommy! There are two ladybugs in your tub! You better get them out! Want me to call daddy?"

I think that being scared of ladybugs is odd, but not crazy. What's crazy is that her favorite toy is this:

Meet Creepy. Creepy was purchased at Target for $.50, and it was just one of those days. I had been working a lot, husband had moved already and we were in Target getting some things for work. I let the kids grab something to play with while I had to shop. We had been in Target almost 4 times that week, and they both got the same thing each time, Strip getting this thing and Nugget getting a frog (nice). On this day, Strip asked very nicely if we could take their new friends home. Since they had both been troopers and since they were only $1 for both, I figured why not. I looked at Strip and said, "You really want to get that thing?" "Yes please!" "Geeze, Strip that is one creepy lizard." "Well, he's my creepy lizard and I love him.

Can't argue with that. She's taken that creepy thing everywhere. Creepy even came on the house hunt and went in every house that we looked at (realtor has 2 kids, so she understood).

So I really do not understand how a kid can be scared of this

when you are in love with this

Like I said, kids are weird.

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Tiffany said...

LOL!! Well, we had James the shark, so I think it's hereditary!!! :)

Love the new layout!