Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The great thing about Bible stories is everyone can interpret them differently.

This morning, we were getting ready to leave when the Today Show aired a clip of Lady Antebellum. The kids were screaming to watch, but I told them I'd record it and they could see the performance when we get home.

When we got in the car, Strip naturally asked if we could listen to their new cd (Strip had every Toddler Classic song and nursery rhyme down by the age of 2. Nugget? Pushing three and knows the entire Wicked and Glee soundtrack and at least 3/4 of both Lady A cds). Unfortunately, Hubs snagged the newest cd out of my car for his last trip along with a couple of others. Naturally, this conversation took place:

Strip: Can't we listen to the "Quarter after one song?"
Me: Sorry, sweetie, but daddy took that one out of my car.
Strip: He's just a cd taker, isn't he?
Me: (laughing) I guess you're right.
Strip: You know what you should do?
Me: What?
Strip: You should take a bunch of cds out of his car.
Me: Why? that wouldn't be nice!
Strip: Moooommm. Weren't you paying attention in Chapel? Do unto others? Daddy took your cds, so you should go take some of his!
Me: I don't think that's what Jesus meant...

I think we need to buck up on the God's Little Princess devotional.

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