Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After getting in late, putting the kids down and emptying the dishwasher, I festively poured myself a glass of green wine (pictured above) and checked to see how my baby was doing.

My puppy has been adopted as of tonight! Not sure if I'm happy or sad. I think sad. Nope, I know sad. Part of me hoped she would hold out until this summer, but I'm glad she has a forever home.

On another puppy related note, It's a girl! Meet Heidi:

My parents have welcomed a baby girl Schnauzer. She looks adorable and reminds me of a mix of our two schnauzers we had growing up, Franz and Charlie (who died 8 years ago today) and a little June Bug (check out the white paw!).
I was slightly concerned because she looks like Taylor's favorite chew toy (and is about the same size), but those two had a meet and greet this week and he didn't rip her stuffing out, so I think we'll be ok.

Oh good gravy!! In a more important, kid-related matter (2 legged), Strip is officially ready for kindergarden! We went to her school and registered her for elementary school. 5th graders are huge by the way. A gaggle of them wandered by while I was filling out paper work (two sheets less than the documents you have to fill out when closing on a house). They look scary.

Also scary? The giant school bus outside. Because Strip SO wants to ride it. In my car? 5 pt harness, but on the way to school? Just roll around in Old Yeller. The jury's still out on the bus stop.

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Anna the GSD said...

Awww! How cute! She does kinda look like a chew toy though...

Petfinder is dangerous. Mom must limit her visits there or dad will de-voice her or something like that which means he'll leave. :(