Friday, February 26, 2010

Adopt this dog, NOW!

Hubs has been on my case because I've been combing through like a maniac. I told him I wasn't really looking for a dog, I was looking for dogs I didn't want. Like when I went to the H.S., I was able to look at all those dogs and think, "Awe, so cute, but not for me!"

This was all well and good for a while. I had my specific criteria typed in, and there were about 2300 dogs who did nothing for my heartstrings. I've already convinced myself that we do not need to get a dog right now. Hello?! Did you see my post yesterday? House training + SNOW = not my cup of tea. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to a puppy to be cooped up inside, better to wait until it's warmer and we can leash train outside and run and play in the backyard. Plus, we're going to Ma's family reunion in June, and I don't need to bring a puppy to the family beach house. AND, we're stockpiling cash for a swing set while trying to pay off this last, lingering debt. We need a debt-free dog and a little extra for new puppy emergencies.

So every logical bone in my body is on the right path. But then? Then I came across this:

AHHH! As I told Hubs (and my brother-in-law, and my cousin-in-law's wife, and four friends on facebook and two co-workers, and anyone else who would sit still), you don't want to eat her with a spoon, you just want to swallow her whole! Look at that face?! And those eyes?! She's a beagle boston terrier mix, so I'm thinking she'll be as close to perfect as you can get (without being June's clone). No bigger than a beagle, low shed like a BT, great with kids.

She's in OH, and I finally emailed the rescue group to hear the words, "We're sorry, she's been adopted!" and put myself out of my misery. Unfortunately, they emailed back, "ohhh. I know quite a few of those pups were already adopted and someone else was coming by the foster mom's house this weekend to pick one pup up, but I think This Dog is the only one left! We'll let you know after the people come to pick up their pup who's left!"

NO!!! Don't be the last dog left!! Who in their right mind could come look at all those pups and leave her?! She's adorable (and the cutest one out of the litter, if you ask me!). So I'm begging someone out there to PLEASE run, don't walk to Cincinnati, OH and take this dog. There is also a Caribou Coffee or two there, so it will be worth the drive. Just do NOT let this group tell me that she's the last one left on Monday. It will break my heart and every rational bone in my body. I might even chip in for your gas money :-)

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