Monday, February 8, 2010

The joys of potty training continue!

Really? With a title like that, what kind of image did you expect?!

We had a minor setback, and a reminder that I only jinx myself last week. I made the comment to a friend that Nugget was for the most part potty trained, he just refused to poop in the potty, but only pooped in a diaper, so that was fine with me. A diaper at night was better than going through a pack a week.

I said, and I quote, "He NEVER poops in his pants."


That night, I made it my mission to get that kid to poop on the potty. He'd done it a few times before, but never consistently. So, after getting home from church, I pumped him full of prune juice, poured myself a glass of wine, gathered some of his favorite books and was ready.

25 minutes later, the poor child was falling asleep on the potty with his head in my lap. I strapped on a diaper and figured we'd try again tomorrow. Hubs got up with him the next day and obviously the prunes did their magic, so I thought we were good to go, popped on some Maters and headed out. It was a volunteer day for me at preschool, so Nugget was hanging with the office staff. 15 minutes before I was finished, the unthinkable happened. Poop.

Prune juice is like brylcreem in that just a dab will do you, so needless to say, we were riding the prune all.weekend.long.

But Monday was the start of a new week. Back in big boy undies, we spent our day, busy as ever. Late afternoon, I set up wii fit for the kids while I cooked dinner. Ma called (maybe I should stop talking to her on the phone while the kids are awake!), so I was chatting with her and I hear, "Oh. Snotrod SO sad." Toddler translation=I just wet my pants and Snotrod (the character on my underwear) is now sad.

Great. We trudged upstairs, and I tell him we'll just put on our pjs when he tells ME, "No. I need a diaper." Whoa now. If you can ask for a diaper because you need to poop, you can poop on the potty. End of story. After some crying and moaning, I told him I'd get him some juice, so I head to the kitchen to fetch us both a beverage (apple for him, grape for me... fermented) then return to the bathroom ready to wait it out. 2 minutes later, the phone rings. Hubs was calling saying he was almost home (late night for him. I promise I wasn't pouring wine at 4 pm). I return to the bathroom to my crying 2 year-old. And then? I totally lie.

"That was McQueen. He asked to talk to you, but I told him you were in the bathroom. He got excited and asked if you pooped in the potty, but I had to tell him no. He told me you could call him back when you poop in the potty. Would you like to call him?"

"Uh huh."

"Ok, well, if you poop in the potty, we'll call McQueen."

Crap! Literally!

That kid slammed his juice cup on the counter, grabbed my arm with both hands and pooped.

"Now call Queen."

Well, good gravy! Wish I would have tried that one a few months ago! I quickly call back Hubs' cell (praying he wasn't walking in the door), and when he answered, we had this conversation:

Me: McQueen?? Lightening McQueen?!
Hubs: Umm Hello?
Me: Hi! Is this Lightening McQueen?!?!
Hubs: Ummmm. Uh Yeah?
Me: Great McQueen! I have Drew here and he has something very exciting to tell you!!
hand the phone to Nugget
Nugget: No. I wanna talk a Mater.
Me: Oh, Um, McQueen? Is Mater there.
Hubs: Yeah, sure.
Me: (handing the phone to Nugget) Here ya go! It's Mater!!
Nugget: Hi Mater! I squeeze big poop in potty. I eat m&m's.
Hubs: blah blah blah
Nugget: Ok. Bye!

I tell Mater bye and ask Nugget what he said. Waaaaahoooooo!! Very Mater-like. Way to go Hubs :-)

Hubs walked in the door a few seconds later and Nugget was SO excited to tell him about his chat with Mater. He was so excited, he didn't want to sleep in a diaper tonight, so we'll see if we can check "poops in the potty" and "stays dry all night" off the list in one night. Cheers!

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Lianne said...

I completely just snorted out loud at "riding the prune!" Hahahahahaha! Go Nugget!