Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where do they gain this knowledge?

After a morning at the preschool, Nugget and I scooted home for a quick lunch before picking up Strip. I was busy making our lunches and he asked for some milk. Knowing that there was just a few ounces left in the gallon, I told him

"Sure! Grab it out of the fridge ok?"

After a few minutes of uninterrupted lunch prep, it occurred to me that I didn't have a toddler ramming a cup and a gallon jug into the back of my leg, begging. So I turn around to find this:

Seriously?! How does he know to turn up the jug? Is it just in the male genes? Guess so.

After Strip came home, she wanted a snack so I told her to grab a bag of bunnies out of the pantry. She brought them to me and said

Strip: Open please!
Me: Sure. Wait. You can open these.
Strip: No I can't.
Me: Well, then I can't send them in your lunch box anymore.
Strip: Why?
Me: Well, you're supposed to be able to open everything in your bag. Remember, next year when you are in Kindergarden, you're teachers won't be sitting with you to open everything for you and you have to do it all by yourself.
Strip: (without hesitation) Oh. That's ok, when I'm in Kindergarden, I'll buy my lunch.

Umm. First question, who told you about buying your lunch in kindergarden, and how do you know what a "bought lunch" looks like?! How does she know it's all piled out on your tray like Piccadilly?

Ugh. They grow up too fast.

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