Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Hubs, Basement does not = babysitter

Poor Nugget. He woke up screaming at 2 about his ear. I looked to see if it was infected, and it looked fine, no fever, so I thought maybe he bumped it on the side of his bed. We finally settled him down and he was up AGAIN at 5, so I sent him down with Hubs so I could catch a couple more hours of sleep before going to work.

I took Strip with me, and it was just the boys at home. Hubs, at one point, turned Cars on in the basement and started straightening up the kitchen. Around noon I get a call saying we need fingernail polish remover, which is odd because I thought we had some, and seriously, why would two boys need nail polish remover?


This is why:

In the words of Nugget:
I climb up. Daddy's chair. I paint nose. I paint face.
Which translates:
I climbed up in daddy chair at the desk, found some whiteout and figured what the heck? Don't I look great!?

Ugh. If he's in the basement, great. If he's in the basement and quiet, trouble. Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday and I can continue to exfoliate!

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