Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enjoying Life...a little too much.

A couple of weeks ago, I wandered into Whole Paycheck Foods to treat myself to some delicious Ener-G dinner rolls because they make a better pizza crust than the regular bread. Unfortunately, they were out of the rolls, but I did see pizza crust mix, brownie mix and pancake mix on the shelf right below the bread. The CLOSEST mix I've found had almond in it, so I had to put it back, but this one? This one met my checklist! I couldn't believe it! I grabbed a bag of pizza crust and pancakes, thinking I'd finally be able to have Friday Night Pizza and Saturday Morning pancakes again!

I made it halfway down the aisle when I thought about how much I was about to spend on mixes that I wasn't sure I'd like, so I turned and went to put them back. Then I stopped and thought, why not! It's worth a try, and turned again to walk back. Made it halfway down the aisle again, when I talked myself into getting ONE mix to see if I liked it and checking reviews on the one I didn't like. Turn around again. Got back to the shelf and thought it was stupid to get one and not both, and while the prices might be high, I can return the unused portion if it's terrible. Back again with two. Then I talked myself out of it again thinking I should just go research the company first, then come back and buy. Back again to return them.

Is it not frightening how we can impulse buy houses, but pizza crust mix? Whoa now, that calls for a pros and cons list.

I finally decide to put them both back, but when I do, I notice this delightful company called Enjoy Life. Here we go again!

I grab a little box of brownie cookie bites, flip them over and they are good to go! For $3.69 and no baking, I decide to buy them. I get home and put them in the pantry, petrified to try them. They have to be disgusting, right? I mean, let's look at what's NOT in them :

So with that much MISSING, what are you eating?! I finally cracked one night after dinner, and shockingly, they were good. No, they were DELICIOUS!!! The cookies are the size of a quarter (Or a Famous Amos), and the serving size says 2 cookies. Yum! How perfect and satisfying!

Needless to say, that box was gone after a week, so Wednesday (oh, to be fair, I gave the last 2 cookies to one of Strip's school buddies who is allergic to a TON too. I figured if he liked them, Mom could buy more, but who wants to spend money on a maybe that no one else in the family is going to eat!), I scooted back up to buy another box. THEY WERE ON SALE!!! 2 for $5, so I grabbed a box of the brownie cookies and the chocolate chip ones.

They are both gone. 2 boxes. One week. And I shared with no one. Yikes! And, when I went to the website to snag a visual, I found, not only a coupon for $.55 off my next purchase, but also BAGELS!! They make safe-for-me bagels! Hey, breakfast! I'll be seeing you soon!

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