Thursday, February 11, 2010

Game on.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to skip church which was a good decision for the night since Nugget fell asleep AT the dinner table. Instead, we made it a family game night and the kids had a blast. This week, Strip wanted to do the same, so I told her we'd do it tonight.

After stuffing our faces with spaghetti, we headed down to the basement for some games. The original plan was to play "Hot Potato" because it's easy, keeps Nugget in the zone and neither kid could cheat. Unfortunately, even though the basement is clean and organized, the potato was nowhere to be found. So, we spent the first part of the evening playing "Try My Patience" (or as Milton Bradley calls it, "Chutes and Ladders").

The board is a fold out with a split up the middle, so every time one of my short-armed babies reached to move their player, they would unintentionally lean on the board, right at the split, making all the people fall over and pour to the middle of the board. Nugget is in love with the number three, so he only wanted to move three spaces on all of his turns. Strip kept calculating how many spaces she needed to hit the big ladders or avoid the big chutes, and would try to sneak an extra spin or three in if she didn't get the number she needed on her first spin. And about half-way through the game, Nugget just got bored and wandered off to play with trains and later kept trying to run us over with his toy lawn mower.

I have got to find that potato.

To follow up from my allergy appointment, yes I am still as allergic as I was last year. The epi pen stays, so I'm doing a little online shopping for an epi clutch. A friend of mine's mom works for Coach and while we were in NYC I was looking at these cutie little zip wallets with elastic pen holders. If they made them a LITTLE bit bigger, I could slip my epi pen right in there, but alas, Epi pens are fatter than roller balls. I'm thinking of partnering with Coach to come out with an epi line.

Oh! And to boost my confidence, when I was asking about integrating real food into my diet if when we go to Europe, he said (and I quote), "Normally we can work towards that, but you fall so far off the normal spectrum, I don't think we need to discuss that right now."

Awesome! Ma called me fat and my allergist thinks I'm a freak. 2010 is looking up!

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