Saturday, February 13, 2010

How did your Valentine's weekend go?

So far? Mine's about like this:
  • Woke up to sweet Hubs herding the children downstairs. Unfortunatley, the monitor was in the hall and the parent receiver was still in the bedroom, so I gave up and stumbled downstairs.
  • Good news? By registering our Keurig coffee maker online, I was able to order 4 boxes of k-cups for $25 (about $.25 per cup!). Bad news? They probably won't be here until Tuesday.
  • Hubs made breakfast for the kiddos. I got to do the dishes when he left to "run errands."
  • I went to work where a kid asked me how old I was. First guess was 16 (woo hoo!) When I gave the hint of "I'm married and have 2 kids," the follow-up guess was, "Well, you've got to be at LEAST 60." woo hoo?
  • I came home to Nugget who had (yay) not pooped in a diaper in three days, but (boo) hadn't pooped at all meaning I spent some quality time with a crying toddler in our bright blue bathroom (note to all: if you buy a house saying "We are SO going to paint that," and you have kids, you are so NOT going to paint. Anytime soon).
Bright spot? After winning the poop showdown, Strip offered to give me a make-over (hair, make up and accessories). After fixing my hair, she put on some fancy Valentine's glasses. I asked how she was going to do my makeup if I was wearing the glasses, so she took them off and started to work on me.

After sweeping three different colors of eye shadow ABOVE my eyebrows, I asked if she knew what she was doing.


Just asking because the shadow is starting to mesh with my hairline...

2 minutes later, she was finished. She had already had her make up and accessories, but fixed her hair accordingly. I give you, the finished product:

It all makes sense. The three layers on the eye are for emphasis and the three ABOVE the brow are so you can still see it when the glasses are on! Perfection!

Good thing we were grilling out at home tonight!

(PS That's a celebratory sucker stick in the kid's mouth, not a cigarette!)

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