Monday, February 22, 2010

Let the selling begin!

Nope, not my soul. Or the kids. I've finally taken the plunge and listed something on ebay. Eeek! And I'm a nervous wreck. I've been saying, "Oh save that, I can sell it" for the past 5 years resulting in a nauseatingly large amount of gorgeous kids clothes stuffed in garbage bags in our basement. Every so often, I'll go through them, but I'm emotionally attached to them. Not the clothes, the price. I know how much I/Ma/Friends/Family paid for that dress! No way am I letting it go for $3! Are you kidding me?!

Until a few weeks ago. I was doing my monthly Costco run when I noticed they had spring/summer stuff out. And what do they always have right when you walk in? A giant Rainbow play system. Of course I the kids start squealing and pointing. So when they ask, "Can Daddy build us that?!" I give the same answer I've given for the past three years: Maybe next summer!

Soon they will be in high school and I can make their dreams come true just in time for them to be thoroughly embarrassed by it. As we stand there admiring the perfection that is this play system, I glance at the price.


Great. Where are we going to scrape together an extra $1000 before these bad boys are gone? I'd just had a come-to-Jesus with Hubs and we are back on track, paying down our last, tiny, remaining debt and any extra money we have coming in is going straight to our snowball. I've already put out feelers for an additional job, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. The stuff I've posted on Craig's list has been a bust (Oh! I love your item! Here, read my sob story. Feel bad for me? Great! I'll take what you are offering for 90% off the listed price! Nope), so now what? The basement!!

I came home an pulled all the bags I could carry upstairs and divided everything into one pile. Cute but basic starts at $1, nicer things starting at $5. I added up my piles and if everything sells for just the asking price, I'll have what I need to buy the play set, with fingers crossed that a few things go for over to cover ebay fees and taxes at Costco. Then anything that I make over the playset will go toward the kids' spring and summer clothes.

I decided to list about 5 things today and see how they sell/ship/etc and I just listed my first item. EEK! I feel like a middle school girl waiting on a call from a boy, but instead of picking up the phone every 8 seconds to see if there's still a dial tone, I keep refreshing my page to see if anyone is watching/bidding. This is going to be an interesting week!

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