Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lookie lookie! My thermometer moved!! Almost $20 richer than I was last week. And between my now ebay success and love of the show Hoarders, anything not nailed down is up for auction. Once I got that first bid and knew it was good to go, I relaxed, then enjoyed getting up every morning to see what the late-night bid-happy bidders were up to.

I think the next one I'll cut down to 5 days, though. I just can't stand the wait!

I am, however, devastated. We went to visit our goal at Costco and they were GONE. I went to the other Costco on Sunday....GONE! They are getting more in this week, but really?! Who's putting these darn things up in the snow?! I have GOT to get the basement sold so I can buy this bad boy, asap.

On a completely unrelated note, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!! This week in preschool is all about the man and the cat in the hat, so I bring you, deep thoughts on the car ride home by Strip:

You know? That book is weird. Really weird. You wanna hear the weird things? For one, the mom leaves the kids at home. Alone. No babysitter? That's weird. Then, the kids let a cat in their house. They didn't know that cat. Weird. AND the cat can drive. Cat's can't drive! Or talk, actually....and neither can fish... Yeah that book is just weird.

Tomorrow is green eggs and ham. Can't wait to hear the deep thoughts that come out of that one!

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