Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crap, crapity, crap crap

The kiddos' birthdays are pretty close. Actually, Nugget was due the day before Strip's birthday, but came a few weeks early. Because of this, I start planning their parties about six months in advance. I know, I'm crazy. BUT, I like to have an idea about what we'll have/serve/do at both parties so I can start buying in advance and buying on sale.

I'm cheap, and when it comes to things like invitations, I'm super cheap. I like to skimp on things like paper that are going to get thrown away by most people so I can splurge on something like this:

A ridiculously expensive dress for a little girl, but come on. How cute it that?! Perfect for her party!

I got a super great deal on Nugget's from a random store in Alabama, and they turned out really cute. Because Strip's theme is sort of made up, I had to design my own.

Her original idea was to have a Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly Pirates and Princess party. I told her she had to cut it down a little, so she stuck with a Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly party. Ok. I LOVE vista prints, so I started designing my own about 6 weeks ago. 10 days ago, I sent them to my proof readers (my mother and my brother's girlfriend) who both approved.

I placed my order and patiently waited for them to arrive. They got here today and Strip and I excitedly checked the mail. Before dinner, I showed them to Hubs, who also said, "Cute." I took one more look at them and noticed something was wrong. Let's see if YOU can guess:

Ding ding ding! The BIRTHDAY KID'S NAME is NO WHERE on the invite.

Ugh. And I couldn't just slap her name on there with a Sharpie. So my loving hubs said order another batch and have them rushed.

So mom, expect an envelope from Vista in a few days.

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Lianne said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't notice what wasn't there. I like the dress, though!