Sunday, March 29, 2009

Customer Service?

Because we were re-doing the floors, we were without a breakfast table for a few days. We've been hating the table (well, chairs) since, oh about 2005. We thought we'd humor ourselves by shopping over the weekend for a new set. We just wanted to see what was out there, how much things were and take some measurements.

After going to a few "nice" furniture stores, we headed to a cheaper place that sells furniture by the room, if you catch my drift. This was our last stop, so we had 2 cranky toddlers with us, too.

We are greeted at the door by a lovely woman who wanted to "help" us shop. I, however, had the two SKU number that we wanted to see. She showed us the first set, then was leading us to the second, when she looked back and said, "Well, I haven't seen ANYTHING in here that I wouldn't want to take home!" Ok lady. We're not buying the store. And honestly, we probably aren't buying a table (although Hubs cleared out the back of the car already, so you're 80% there you just need to close the deal). Don't try to "sell" me anything.

We make it back to our #1 choice and she offered to see if they had it in stock, ready to go. We wandared over to the kids funiture section and waited. And waited. And waited. At this point, Nugget is so done. She FINALLY comes over and says:

Lady: Great news! We have it in stock.
Hubs: Ok that's great.
Lady: Now, would you want that delivered?
Hubs: No, I'll pick it up, that's fine.
Lady: Where would you pick it up?!
Hubs: Uhhhh here?
Lady: It's not here
Hubs: But you said it's in stock.
Lady: Yes, it's in stock in our warehouse. And the delivery fee is only 6% with a minumum of $65 which is exactly what your delivery charge would be!
Hubs: Oooo Kkkkk. Um, then no, I'll just pick it up at the warehouse.
Lady: I'm sorry, you can't pick it up at the warehouse.
Hubs: Why?
Lady: Because there's no place to pick it up at the warehouse.
Hubs: Where is the warehouse?
Lady: Chicago.
Hubs: So you DON'T have it in stock.
Lady: Yes, we do.
Hubs: It's not here, so YOU don't have it in stock.
Lady: We have it in stock at our warehouse.
Hubs: In Chicago.
Lady: Right.

At this point, I'm wondering why the heck she asked if we wanted delivery if can't pick it up anyway. No, we don't want delivery. We'll just pay you and come have breakfast in the showroom. Is that ok? Crazy. We said we'd think about it and go home and measure our space. She hands Hubs her card and says, "Even if I'm not here where you come back, ask for me! I'll still get credit for the sale!"

That 80% chance that we WOULD by a table, just turned into a 100% chance it would be somewhere else.

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Lianne said...

What a nutjob! I hate pushy salespeople. I wish they could actually listen and hear half the crap they say to potential customers. I think they'd stop talking if they knew how stupid they sound sometimes.

Yes, I used to work in sales. I stunk at it because I wasn't pushy. Go figure.