Tuesday, March 31, 2009

**Warning** Product Placement!

Unlike Biggest Loser, I warn before shoving a product in your face. Feel free to change the channel if you don't want to hear about it.

When we moved into our last house, it was brand new with new appliances. So, we were stuck with what the guy who built it picked out. Included, was an electric glass top range. Boo. I hated it. It takes FORever to boil water, so you end up wandering away, forgetting about the pot on the stove, then having it boil over and totally mess up the cooktop. I think I "ruined" mine the first time I cooked on it.

So, when we moved, I was really hoping to luck into some gas appliances. Unfortunately, the house we found had a "recently updated kitchen" with, you guessed it, another electric, glass top range. With all the other home improvement to do's, ripping out a perfectly good range and running a gas line did not seem like it was going to happen, so I bought more of the special cooktop cleaner and tried to be careful.

But all of that changed a few weeks ago when I picked up the new love of my life (that was on sale and I had a coupon for!). Let me show you how well it works:

Alright, all together, "EWWWWW!!"  This picture was snapped after making red beans and rice (which simmers on the stove for a good 3 hours).  There is also a burn ring from where the water boiled over when making the rice:

This was cooked and pictures taken the same day I was trying to prepare my cakes and icing for my final, so I was a little frazzled. 

Now enter, my hero:

Scotch Brite Cook top cleaner.  Gross, you can see dried, burned bean spots in the upper right corner!  Ew!  So, you slap one of the cleaning clothes on the bottom of the handled and start scrubbing.  In about 15 seconds, your cooktop will look like this:
So shiny you can see your face in it!  Love it!


Lianne said...



I am going to try this!

I use the regular Scotch Brite pads on mine and haven't ever gotten any scratches. You do have to scrub like a crazy person to get stuff off sometimes. (I have been known to get out the S.O.S. pad for really bad stuff!) I use the Wal-mart brand of cooktop cleaner with the Scotch Brite pads, if not just dish soap. It depends on how big the mess is and how long I've put off cleaning the thing.

I actually WANTED one of these cooktops after having stupid electric ranges with eyes that had to be cleaned out. I hated that. I stupidly picked a white cooktop, which shows dirt and debris at a rate 100,000 times faster than my old black range. Sheesh!

Thanks for the heads up on that! Off to Wal-mart I go!

Alabama Redhead said...

We have the craptastic old school electric cooktop with the eyes. It's taken us like four years, but I think we finally know how to cook on it...

There's a gasline back there, and one day I WILL HAVE my gas range!! Heck, even my trailer in Auburn had a gas range! Argh!!

mommychick said...

Lianne -- DON'T GO TO WAL-MART!! I'm still mad about my dvd player :-)

Redhead-- I'm loving the trailer flashback. You were awfully fancy back then, weren't ya?

Lianne said...

Stupid Wal-Mart didn't have the fancy scrubber. Dangit. I should've heeded your warning.