Thursday, March 26, 2009

Help! I'm trapped in my own house!

When we moved into this house, the hardwood floors needed to be refinished. So, Hubs had the guys come out before we moved. However, when we got up here, we all agreed that they felt rough and were discoloring/scratching waaayyy too easily. We had the guys come BACK out and they insisted that "that's how it is." Then the guy who actually did the work made the comment that on the invoice we paid for two coats of sealant (or whatever it is) and he put down 1. Well, hello. Slap another coat down please.

But, they put it off, and are just now getting around do doing it. So our fun week has been made even more fun by moving every piece of furniture and all kitchen appliances out of the downstairs living area and into the carpeted dining/living room. But wait! It gets better. Because we have the pup, we had to break out the crate so we didn't have puppy prints all over the floor. Hubs was able to work from home, so he just hung out in the basement while they did their thing. About 2 hours later, the fumes were so bad, he put the pup in the garage and had to leave with the instructions, "Just stay off of them for 24 hours." Awesome.

What did I do? I took Strip to school and Nugget and I went to the book store where he played with trains for THREE HOURS. I kid you not. Knowing we couldn't go home, we picked up Strip and headed to our favorite chicken fast food restaurant for a long, late lunch. After getting ice cream (and dripping it all over themselves) I realized there wasn't enough time to take them to the museum, so I figured they could come with me to get some stuff for their upcoming birthdays. BIG mistake. Between Nugget's fatigue of skipping a nap and both of their sugar high stickyness, they were nuts. Strip actually tripped a woman on the cake aisle. Yikes. We finally got home at 8 and they went straight upstairs and to bed while I took the dog on a walk (oh, and by the way, dear neighbor; I know you trust your invisible fence, but I don't, and your dog looks like a wolf that would eat my face off. So why, why, why, would you let the wolf dog out AS YOU SEE me walking my little old lady dog? That's just mean!)

This morning, we had to get up and moving, but because we couldn't get into the kitchen we headed back to our favorite chicken restaurant for breakfast. Then I had a bible study and we came home to clean. Fun times.

I've locked myself with kids and dog, in the basement and they have 5 minutes to play before we clean. Right now they are locking each other in the dog crate and screaming hysterically. Is it nap time yet?!

And yes, Hubs, I'm off to clean! I promise!

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Lianne said...

Wow, that sounds like, um, FUN.

At least in prison you get recreation time.

I'm going to be praying for you. :)