Saturday, March 28, 2009

A letter to Uncle P from the dog

Dear U. P.,

The family has been talking a LOT about some upcoming Disney trip. It sounds like they are going to enjoy 7 days in Florida witch means I'm going to spend 9 days in a kennel. And honestly, it's sounds like heaven. Lately, it's been hell around here. It's been cold, so we can't spend too much time outside. The kids are driving me bonkers. Do you KNOW what it's like to have 2 crazies fighting over who's going to feed you while holding the giant scoop of food above your bowl?! JUST DROP THE DAMN SCOOP! Ugh. I'm kind of looking forward to my 23 hours a day in lock up, but was wondering if the parents brought me down, maybe I could chill with you and Tay (and that cute girl who has been hanging around for the past FOUR YEARS)? Let me know, because dude, I need a break:


June Bug

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Anna the GSD said...

Dear June:

You deserve a vacation..don't just settle for one of those kennel rooms, demand one of the theme rooms with a TV and Hawaiain theme! Arf!