Thursday, March 5, 2009

It was totally his choice

While Strip is in school, I try to take Nugget out and teach him how to be a person.  Being the second child, he too often gets tossed in the stroller or cart, and never has the luxury of getting to walk with someone and hold their hand.  So I made it my mission to do all of our errands sans stroller and to celebrate, we would go to the toy store.  His birthday is coming up and I was thinking he needed a man trike.  Again, being the second child, he tends to get most excited about whatever Strip is excited about, meaning, the kid loves to rock a tiara and heels.  

Because Strip's first trike was pink and purple, I thought it would be fun to test drive a few in the store that were man colors.  We make it past the trains and manage to keep focused past all of the dinosaurs when we stumble upon the row of trikes.  Now we have a John Deere green one, Cars and Thomas.  It was a tough call, but I would have put money on him going for the Cars one.  Which one did he pick?

Yup, pink and purple.  And yes he picked out and put on the sparkly pink helmet himself.  Safety first!

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Alabama Redhead said...

Where the crap are you?? Stuck in cake decorating hell?!!? Do I need to send a squad of star-tipped ninjas to save you??