Monday, August 24, 2009

Christmas in August! Almost....

:: DISCLAIMER::  Santa is real. This post should in no way question the validity of that statement.  We love the big guy in red.

Because I'm a thinking ahead kind of gal, I started brainstorming about the kids' big Christmas presents, oh in, January.  Nugget is going to ask for a train table and Strip is probably going to ask for a doll house.

As I was walking through Target, I spotted a train table that looked AWESOME.  Nugget got a ton of track and trains for his birthday, so we really only need the table.  And although I fell in love with this table from land of nod:

I told myself that it doesn't have an edge to it, so Thomas and friends would be falling off the side constantly, and even though it was a grow-with-me piece, by the time my kids were done distressing it with trains and track, it wouldn't be so hot to look at when the table was ready to be adjusted up.  And it was almost $500.

So I tell Hubs about my find, show him the picture, and he thinks it looks good too.  Sunday morning, he just decide to go ahead and buy it.  I thought, "Well good for him!!  He's thinking ahead and wants to get it before they are all gone, and this will give us time to set it up and see how we like it!"

After church, I keep the kids for an extra hour doing more Sunday school stuff, and he scoots to Target before going home to mow the lawn.  The kids and I get home, eat lunch and I put them BOTH in their rooms for a nap/quiet rest so I could go shopping because they were exhausted.  I told Hubs I was off to spend some birthday money, and headed to get some coffee and skinny jeans (yes, I did it, don't hate on my attempt to be "in style," even if the "style" is SUPER 80's).

Three hours later, I was scooting over to Gymboree to get the kids' their glow-in-the-dark skeleton pjs and Hubs called.

Hubs: You on the way home?

Me:  Yup.

Hubs:  Good because Nugget is going to wake up any minute now.

Me:  Uhhh.  Ok.  Did you need to go somewhere or something?

Hubs:  No, why?

Me:  Well, why do I need to be home when he wakes up?

Hubs:  You don't need to be home, but I didn't want you to miss him.

Me: [confused.  I spend all day every day with the kids.  I think I'll be ok (and so will he) if I'm not there when he wakes up]  Why would I "miss him?"

Hubs:  When he sees his train table!

Me: [swerving off the road]  WHAT?!?!?!  That's supposed to be a CHRISTMAS present!!  That's the big Santa gift!!!

Hubs:  WHAT?!?  I just spent 2 hours putting it together so it would be ready when he woke up!

Me:  Did Strip see it?!

Hubs:  No, she's sleeping.

Me:  Great!  Toss a sheet over that bad boy and drag it into the storage room.

Hubs:  [whiney humph sound]

Me:  I'm glad you put it together, though.  I wanted to check out the quality.  And don't take it apart yet, because I want to see how the track fits on and if we need to get him more.

Hubs:  The track is set up.

Me:  What?!   

Hubs: I had it all ready.  All the track was set up and the trains.  It was all ready to go....

Me:  Sorry.  But it was good practice for putting it together when he destroys it, right.  

Hubs:  :-(  I'll see you when you get home...

THAT was a close one.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good laugh. I can just see Chip's face!!

Lianne said...

Ha! This sounds suspiciously like several events that have taken place at my house. How funny!