Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daddy's going to LOVE you in a few years

I took the kiddos to Nords yesterday for some therapeutic birthday shopping, and my only goal was to pick up a new pair of Uggs. Go ahead and leave now all you Ugg haters. I got my first pair a GOOD 15 years ago, way before they were cool, and I'm going to keep rockin' my uggs now because I love them and they are comfy.

Anyway, I was trying to decide between the chestnut and chocolate in either the tall or the classic boot. At one point, I had classic chestnut, classic chocolate, tall chestnut, tall light greenish pair (they didn't have the tall chocolates in stock), a pair of delicious moccasins and a random pair of green suede flats that the shoe man insisted I try. As I was trying to pick which pair of boots to get, I asked Strip which ones she liked and which ones I should get.

Her response? "Just get them all! Then you'll have a pair for every day!"

I like where your head is, girly! I resisted and only got one pair, but put a second on my Santa list. However, I'm afraid I might have a little impluse shopper on my hands!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Chip must have loved that!!