Monday, August 10, 2009

Does not sleep well with others.

They play well, just don't sleep well together.  Last week, the kids had the great idea to bunk up together, and I figured, why not, they are exhausted.  Sure enough, by the time I finished my blog post and crept back upstairs, they were snoozing big time.

However, sometime around 2:30 am, Strip woke up and remembered that she is 4 and is also a princess.  I hear moaning/crying, so I stumble out of bed and into Nugget's room. to find Strip, sitting up, whining/crying while Nugget is still (somehow) asleep next to her. I hold out my arms to pick her up and she reaches back to me, only to open her eyes and remember, once again, she is 4 and she is a princess.  


Seriously?!  It's 2:30 and there's nothing wrong with you!  I am offering you the chance to come snuggle in the king sized bed and you are insisting on daddy?!  And no I'm not going to go back to my room, wake him up so that he can come in here and get you.  Two choices Strip:  1. Grab whatever you want to snuggle with and come with me or 2. I'm counting to 2 and am picking you up.

We went with 2.  More screaming went on after I took her in the bathroom to cry/scream/complain/pee and I hear Nugget awake.  Awesome, 2 for 2.  I sneak back in his room while Strip is scream-peeing and he looks up at me with those sweet, giant eyes and says, "I want Sue!" 

Awe, melt my heart so sweet, he wants his big sister.  "Awe, Buddy, you want Sue?"  Nugget sits up in bed, "No.  I want JUICE."  Ahh nice.

Everyone gets settled in nicely somewhere around 3 am, but for some reason, I thought it would be fine to let them try it again Sunday night (another all day at the pool kind of tired day).  Again, things started out ok, although Hubs had to move them before we went to bed -- Strip was stretched out quite comfy on top of Nugget.  But, once again, at 3:30 am, I hear crying.  I stumble in and she is just babbling like a maniac.

"Mommy.  Remember that giant sucker that I got from Chuck E. Cheese when I was at PaPa and Ma's?  Well I ate the whole thing and now I'm sad because it was really good, and I really liked it, and do you think that maybe we could go back to Chuck E. Cheese the next time we go to PaPa's and Ma's because I think I'd like another one of those suckers?"

"Umm  Ok.  Can we talk about it in the morning?  Because the sun's not up yet and mommy's still really tired."


Nugget slept through the whole thing, so even though 3/4 people are NOT sleeping well, it's really helping make him a heavier sleeper!

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