Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Separation Anxiety

We were at the preschool where both kiddos will be in preschool.  I know who Nugget's teachers are, but had not received Strip's info yet.  I popped my head in the office to say hello and ask for her room number.  We walked down and introduced ourselves, chatted for a bit, then we were about to leave.

We were all ready to hit the library when I ran into one of my good buddies who happens to be one of Nuggets teachers.  She said that the other teacher was in the room if we wanted to stop by and say hello.  Since Nugget had not met her yet, we headed on over.  

I said, "Remember Nugget.  This is where you are going to be in school starting in a couple of weeks!  Let's go meet your other teacher!" 

We walked in the door and Nugget said hello to his other teacher.  Then he spotted this:

He walked right over to the car and transporter truck, sat in the floor, looked up at me and said,

"Bye, Mom!  Love you!  Muuuwwah (blowing a kiss)"

and went back to playing with the cars.

Looks like adjusting to his first year of "school" is going to be really tough for my little Nugget.  At least he said he loved me, right?

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