Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perfect Timing

A couple of Sundays ago, I decided that I spend too much time peeking into everyone else's personal lives on Facebook, so I've decided to take a break.  For one month, I will not log into Facebook, and I've even deleted the app on my phone so I won't be tempted.

My house has never been cleaner.

However, as timing would have it, a few days after I started my hiatus, I get an email notification from my buddies at Facebook alerting me "Alyssa tagged a photo of you in the album "some more old ones!!"."

In the words of Tony the Tiger, "Grrrrreat."   Why is this great?  Because before my hiatus started, I had the privilege of peeking at Alyssa's photo album, "Some more old ones," only to discover pictures of her in our high school's production of "Grease!," so I can only conclude that there are now pictures of me as Sandy in pleather pants on Facebook.  Awesome.

The good news?  Brother's girlfriend just got a mac, and I was trying to teach her how to right click with a touch pad mouse via IM a couple of nights ago.  So I emailed her to give her some homework:  Practice your copy and paste skills by checking out whatever photos are added to my tagged pics and email them to me.

This ought to be interesting.... 


Stephanie said...

Oh they are nice pictures!!

alicefunsch said...

What???? You are a stronger person than I my friend....Let me know if you for me to email you any pictures!

Lindsay said...

you were the one who got me to sign up for facebook! you can't leave now! We've come so far! haha! I know what you mean about the time you spend on FB, it is kind of sad. I don't think I would be a strong as you though!

Anonymous said...

perfect time to come to Twitter!


Anonymous said...

(This is from your 'mystery' friend in Chattanooga) As I recall, you and Madonna have the same birthday, and since her birthday was a few days ago, yours must have been as well. So Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was great. FB did not alert me to the event, but, since you're not on there right now, I suppose that's a moot point. And those pictures of you from 'Grease' are great, but they don't hold a candle to seeing the real live performance back in the day.

mommychick said...

Oh, my mystery buddy, you are right!! Also the day that Elivis died. Good memory!
It is scary enough that old pics are so easily scanned, but I pray no one has enough down time to upload old, non-digital videos to the wonderful world of FB. Yikes!

Brother, still not Tweeting.

Alice, like any addiction, the first three days were the hardest, but it feels os good to be clean :-)