Sunday, August 2, 2009

I have ADHD

Always Distracted  Huh Didyousaysomething (or didyouseethat)?

Hubs and I went to a concert this weekend.  One of our favorite bands, and we hadn't been to a show in a while.  I was a little apprehensive, wondering if we would look like someone's chaperone, but we pulled up in the mom-mobile and we ready to tailgate.  We pulled out the rival collegiate chairs and quickly made friends with the car next to us (they had ladder ball!).  Hubs had the windows down, so we were all rocking out to the band's latest cd.  Car next to us invites us to play a round of ladder ball, so we stand up to show off our mad skills.  About 1/2 way through the game, the cd changes, and we both hear the unmistakable first six chords of the Wicked soundtrack blare through the speakers.  Whoops!  I giggled as Hubs nonchalantly turned the band's cd back on and reminded him that we could have been rocking out to Toddler Classic Favorites.

And while we were the only car I spotted in the parking lot with car seats in the back, I thought we were playing the part of "cool old people" pretty well.  Then we got inside, and I was totally validated.  

But first, lets play name that infomercial!

And a not-s0-perfect Perfect Strap!

Had it been 10 degrees cooler, I'm convinced I would have spotted a snuggie.  But back to the real reason we were there the band!  Oh wait!  Look at that guy!

Yup.  THAT is what I had standing right in front of me.  An he had some stellar moves.  And I guess every song was his favorite song because he was rockin' out like he owned the place.  The only thing better than this guy was this guy:

This guy was standing next to Every-song's-my-favorite guy.  When Guy #1 left to go to the bathroom, Perfect Strap, and her friend started making fun of his stellar moves.  That's when the this guy turns around and says, "Hey!  That's my dad!"  and I realized the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  WOW.  I was so wishing I had the updated iphone so I could have taken a video.

Oh yeah!  And there was a band there, too, and they rocked!  Oh look!  Bright colors!

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