Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hmmm this should be interesting

Hubs is out for the evening.  He has a work meeting (aka nice dinner), so the kids and I planned a lazy morning, followed by three hours at the pool, a trip to B&N for a cookie, N.N. pressed apple juice (YUM!) and some coffee.  Next stop was booster seat shopping for my freakishly tall children who are 1/4" away from outgrowing their current seats then home for leftovers.  As we were getting all pj'd up, I asked Strip if she wanted to read Nugget his story, which of course, she did.  This would normally allow me to get something else done in the house, but I just sit outside the door (I can't be in there because "I can do this, I don't need you") and giggle as she "reads" to him.  Tonight was a Backyardigan's hidden picture book.  Adorable.

So after she closed the door and said, "Don't worry, I read him his story, said his prayers.  He's good," I asked if I could kiss him goodnight and she said "sure."  As I was asking him about his day and what his favorite thing was, Strip was hanging out because she needed to shut the door.  Then she insisted on having one more hug from him.  Then the great idea.

We could sleep together!  I know that they are both so tired, they will be asleep before I can finish this post, so I'm not too worried.  BUT, Nugget is a super light sleeper and Strip likes to imitate a helicopter, so I foresee a bloody nose and not much sleep in our house tonight!  We'll see how it goes!. 

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