Saturday, December 5, 2009

He's baaaaaaaack!

Returning home from Thanksgiving Travels, the kids were delighted to see Felix. Felix is our elf on the shelf. He appears with his book (and a little gift for the kids) and keeps an eye on the kids while they are awake. Then at night, he goes back to the North Pole to report back to Santa on how the kids were doing. Three days into Felix's arrival was also three days into the grandparent detox, so honestly, note even Jesus himself could have improved my kids' behavior. They were tired, nutty and insane.

Strip is at the age where she "gets" Felix, but I was thinking Nugget was too young. Then, one night over dinner, everyone was talking at once, and Nugget announced, "ShhHHHHH!! Daddy! Felix is watching," while cutting his eyes to the left and pointing to Felix perched on his John Deere tractor.

So now I know he "gets" Felix, but really couldn't care less. Unfortunately, the next day, we forgot to move Felix. So when we stumbled downstairs and the first thing Strip announces is, "OH! Felix is in the same spot!" my response was, "That tricky elf! He hid in the same place thinking you wouldn't look there!" Hubs' response? "Guess he couldn't go back and face Santa after you two were misbehaving so much." Should we be saving for college or therapy?!


Lianne said...

"Not even Jesus himself..." LOL! Truer words have never been spoken about how my kids acted around the holidays. Whew! Even our elf and his idle threats had no effect. Glad our elf wasn't the only one who forgot to relocate sometimes. :)

mommychick said...

Yeah, they were especially nutty this year. And I'm always petrified to move him early in case one kid comes downstairs before we go to bed. And if we DO forget, one of us can usually get down there before the kids do. Not always the case I guess!