Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's onto you, Santa.

It is FREEZING today. Right now, I'm looking at a snow storm with 27* temp, not taking into account the wind chill. Unfortunately for Nugget, I needed to shop today. After Story Hour at the book store, we headed to out little outdoor shopping center, where (what do you know) there was a front row parking spot at the Loft. It was like I was meant to shop. So we went in (sans stroller) and Nugget did really well. I needed black pants and a black top for a concert I'm singing in, so I ended up trying on EVERYthing black in the store. Sweaters were BOGO FREE (go now! That's a great deal!), so I grabbed one not in my size and planned to swap it at the other Loft later.

Nugget was so good, I told him I'd make hot chocolate for him and Strip, so I scooted home, put the hot chocolate in to-go cups and we crawled through the snow to pick up Strip from school. I didn't want them spilling h.c. all over the car, so I told them they could drink it when we got to the mall. Well, when we pulled onto the mall road, there was a homeless guy with just a shirt, carhartt overalls, scarf, thin hat and boots on. Definitely not prepped for the cold day. Heck, I had my seat warmer on HIGH and I was still chilly. So before the light turned green, I rolled down the window and offered him one of the cups of h.c. which he was beyond grateful for. The kids? Not so much.

"Whose was that?! Was that mine?! I want my hot chocolate! AHHHHHH!!!"

So I reminded Strip about how we needed to decorate our hearts for Christmas and giving something to others who didn't have anything was a great way to do that (and my little Mother Teresa went into a bible story about Jesus and the fish and loaves), and I told Nugget how proud I was that he gave his hot chocolate to someone who needed it more than we did, promising to get more.

Their little hearts warm with Christmas love, we strolled into the mall and made it to the Loft where the Christmas spirit soon expired. The hot chocolate that Strip was sharing with Nugget soon ran out and she started to lose it. In an attempt to distract her, I promised we'd go to the Disney store if I could just try these two sweaters on, but she was still whiney.

So I went on to the old stand-by. Santa.

Me: Hey, do you know who I saw on the way in the mall?
Strip: No. Who?
Me: Santa!
Strip: I didn't see him.
Me: Well, on our way to the Disney Store, we can look for him together.
Leave the Loft and head over to Santa Land
Me: OooooOOooHHhhhH! Look! Who is thaaaaatttt??
Strip: ::Blank stare::
Me: Look! Over there! Dressed all in red...sitting in the chair... wearing the hat?
Strip: blink blink
Me: It's Santa!!!
Strip: Hmmm. I don't think that's really Santa. Santa has a white beard, and that guy's beard is kinda greyish. I think that's just a guy dressed up like Santa.

Umm. Ok. Regardless, it was a good thing that wasn't the real Santa, because after leaving the Disney Store and getting in the car, Strip pointed out that she put a tinkerbell phone in the bottom of the stroller. Oops. I don't think Santa's a fan of stealers. Looks like I'll be making a trip back to the Disney Store tomorrow....

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