Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words? Well...

**Photo taken from's hilarious Christmas Card section. Not my image***

While perfecting the art of the perfect Christmas card (yeah, I did it, and no, I'm not telling you how...yet), I received my parents Christmas card in the mail. I was not surprised because I took the pictures, designed and ordered the picture card part of it, but was scared/excited to read the card part.

Ma sends out a ton of cards, and writes an update letter including a snippet from all of ourlives. She's also known to share medical info (although I'm pretty sure Hub's vasectomy did NOT get a mention --- It's never too late, Ma!), so I was prepped for that being my snippet. I literally laughed out loud when I read part of my part. I've already jumped to my own conclusion, but I want others opinions on it. Here's the section, then you can vote:

Mommychick's food allergy issues returned with vengeance in late January. She is allergic to almost everything!! Eggs, Wheat, soy, corn, all beans, peas, almonds and cotton seed among other more obscure things. She looks marvelous! She dropped 20+ pounds (luckily she was healthy enough to handle it), but has leveled off now that her body has adjusted and she's figured out how to get decent meals.

The part in bold wasn't really in bold, but I think that was the irked part. SO, vote. Is it just me, or did my mom totally just call me fat, via Christmas card in front of/to everyone we know?!

Please vote to the right, and Mom, you can only vote once, so no skewing the results!


Anonymous said...

Maybe next year you'll get lucky and she'll only mention you on the back with me...

Uncle P

mommychick said...

Hey now, I've suffered a few years of back of the card shout outs. You have to have a game plan for this year. I suggest marriage, pregnancy, limb removal or a hernia. Those are sure to put you on paragraph 2.

Anonymous said...

So I got your mom's reply and I am totally cracking up. Dr. Phil had Peggy post on talking about the Christmas letter because a woman wanted her mom to quit writing the intimate details of her life. Should I write in to the Dr. Phil show for you, P and your mom to go on? P can talk about being on the back and you can talk about your mom calling you "healthy enough". You guys are awesome! And P, a marriage would be awesome for you and someone I think is so wonderful next year. Go P and M!
Love you all, Carrie