Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kids + Christmas plays=awesome

This week was the kids' Christmas productions at school. Each class has it's own, intimate telling of the Christmas story. Nugget, being in the 2's class, had more of an interactive telling of the Christmas story where parents and kids explored the Christmas story together. It was nice, because Strip was in school that day, so I could focus my attention (and camera) 100% on Nugget.

On Strip's day, not the case. Last year's Walk was interesting because the director talked about how an angel came to Mary and asked if anyone had ever seen an angel. My creepy adorable child's hand shot up as she said, "YES!! I have!" and the director, like any rational adult, made a comment about how most of us have angels in our house at Christmas. Strip started to argue, but they moved on to music. Sixth Sense Strip had an angel for a good year plus who I am convinced is my dead grandmother whom I've never actually met. She doesn't talk about her much any more, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. This year, she didn't talk about dead relatives, but Nugget was out of the stroller and way too comfortable in his surroundings.

I was able to keep him pretty well wrangled and was trying to get a sweet picture of Strip looking like a sweet angel praying. Instead, I got this:

Nugget hops up in the frame and LOUDLY blows his nose. He then says, "EWWWW BOOGERS!!" both loudly and very well enunciated. For a kid who doesn't say much, he sure says it at all the right times. Luckily, most of the parents realized they were there for a preschool Christmas program, NOT Dickens' Christmas Carol, so I only got the stink eye from a few parents. Maybe next year will be better...oh wait! She'll be in kindergarten next year.....I'm not going to think about next year.

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