Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wii wish you a merry Christmas

Hubs' big family surprise was a wii. He also got me a wii fit (because nothing says I love you like exercise equipment!). After the kids were in bed, the big kids got to play. I REALLY wanted to set up the wii fit people.

I was uploading Christmas pictures, so I let the boys go first. If you've never done wii fit, you have a mii (wii person) that you can make look like you. They all start out about the same size. Apparently, after you step on the wii fit board, they become more "your size." Hubs was the first one up. The scale shot up and Hubs' mii plumped up like the nutty professor a la Eddie Murphy. It then gave him a ridiculous goal weight. Even after Hubs ate mexican sushi on our honeymoon and spent 5 romantic nights in the bathroom (and could flick his wrist and lose his wedding band), he didn't weigh that little. So I began to feel a little nervous.

Then, UP stepped on the scale. His mii also plumped and it gave HIM a crazy number to shoot for. Now I'm feeling really apprehensive. But, it was my big idea to do this, so I step on the scale/board and watch my mii go. The weight bracket stops in Normal and my mii shrinks. It then tells me my goal weight would be to GAIN four pounds. Hubs then mutters, "I should have given you this stupid thing when you were fat," and I fall off the board laughing hysterically.

Wii Fit. The gift that keeps on giving. Oh, and here we are! Mommychick, Hubs and UP:


Lianne said...

Ha! I never do the Wii Fit if the hubby or kids are in the room. It is my son's one goal in life to find out what I weight. Not gonna happen.

"Mexican Sushi?!?" That sounds like protracted suicide to me.

mommychick said...

Yeah, I was feeling pretty good (since I've dropped a lot of weight but I was "healthy enough to handle it" thanks Ma). but I did get a little worried. Now I giggle every time we get on and Hub's little guy comes bouncing out! Bless his heart :-)

Oh and mexican sushi. Yeah, that was more of an "It's all inclusive, so we've paid for it" kind of thing. Not a smart move. Not a smart move at all.