Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 AM ambush

This is not our bed. According to a google search, this is the world's most comfortable bed. So next time you're in Dubai, give it a whirl!

Hubs has been out of town. And Nugget is at camp PaPaMa's. So that leaves me, Strip and Zoe to fight over the five available beds in the house. For some reason, everyone always ends up in our bed (even though the most comfy bed award (in our house at least) would totally go to Nugget's or the guest room bed). With 2 gone, and one crated, a good night's sleep was looking pretty promising.

Strip decided the first night that she wanted to sleep in Nugget's bed because she missed him. Sleep all night? Check! The next night, she wanted to sleep in her bed. I honestly can't remember the last time she did that. The top bunk has been a way better sleep. So we gave it a try.

I peeked in before I went to bed to find her snoozing away. I slipped into my side of our bed, leaving Hubs' side tightly made, pillows in order, and crashed.

Several hours later, I'm jarred awake by screaming and kicking.

Most children come in to your room, tap you on the forehead, and give wild stories about bad dreams and wolves in the closet, and can I sleep with you? Not my kids!

Strip came in and just attempted to slip under the covers. Unfortunately, the bed on that side was made, quite well, so instead of slipping in, unnoticed, she became tangled in the pillows and taunt comforter.

Meaning, I said hello to 2 AM by her hitting me in the face and SCREAMING, "AHH! I CAN'T GET UNDER THE COVERS!! HELP ME OUT A LITTLE, WILL YA?!"

So subtle.

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