Thursday, August 26, 2010

At least she's honest!

Girls week!

It's coming to a close. Hubs will be back tomorrow, Nugget arrives with PaPa and Ma on Monday. So the obvious question posed to Strip is,

"Awwe. Have you missed your brother?!"

Tonight, Neighbor Chick's mother-in-law was in the 'hood and asked Strip the above question. Strip's answer, without hesitation?


We both stifled back laughs and asked why she didn't miss him.

"Well, when he's here, he always wants to race, and then if I win, he gets mad, and he messes with my stuff..." the list went on and on, basically describing every negative trait of a little brother.

"But it has been quiet, right? And he does make us laugh."

"Yeah. But I like girl's week."

Sorry, boys, looks like we need to put up a sign

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